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Who I am and why I love fashion dolls.

Greetings to all who came to my site about doll clothes.

I’m Victoria Movichi – fashion doll clothes designer and stylist.

Eugenia Perrin Frost
Eugenia Perrin Frost

Some people love American Girl, others – Barbie or Our Generation but my passion is Fashion Royalty

For more than 5 years I have been a collector of Integrity toys and Barbie dolls. Although in my large collection there are dolls from other manufacturers. Now, most of the collection consists of Fashion Royalty dolls. My first doll from this company was Dasha Purity Face. She just fascinated me.

My favorite dolls are: Agnes von Weiss, Elyse Jolie, Eugenia Perrin, Vanessa Perrin, Adèle Makéda, Isha Kalpana Narayanan and of course all Dasha d’Amboise dolls. I can’t forget the impressions of the 2017 Convention Fairytales. There were a lot of incredible dolls there. Golden Erin Salston is the top of skill! It is awesome the Integrity Toys develops and gives us such magnificent dolls. They are a source of inspiration for many creative people.

How I started to make clothes for Fashion Royalty dolls.

Now I am a designer and stylist of doll clothes.
In childhood, I painted sketches of models on paper. Then she began to sew and engage in modeling and coloring for adults and children. At the moment, most of the work I do for dolls. That’s how all life is connected with creativity.

How to choose a bag and shoes for dolls in color and style of her clothing you will find in this blog.

Vanessa Perrin
Vanessa Perrin

I collect materials and ideas for my designs everywhere. I love to design patterns, study old books in museums and libraries. It is very interesting for me. I studied various designing techniques for a long time. Now I apply them to build doll patterns. I do not use ready-made patterns from the Internet as they do not give a good result.

I also love harmony in everything. Nature provides many beautiful color combinations. If you look at nature, you can learn a lot. To be able to create harmonious outfit, I learned how to make doll shoes and bags. Now I make doll shoes fit for Fashion Royalty FR2, FR6, NuFace, NuFace2 bodies. I select the color palette for each outfit. I work only with genuine leather. Sometimes I use natural jute rope. Genuine leather is strong and durable. Doll shoes look like real adult shoes by exclusive craftsmen. It does not crack like shoes made of artificial leather.

What will you learn from this blog.

  1. I will show models of outfits of various styles: outfits in New Look, Empire, Vintage, Casual, Romantic styles created by me for Fashion Royalty and Barbie Poseable Silkstone dolls. You will also give you advice on how to combine styles and colors.
  2. I will make recommendations about fabrics properties and care of them. During my work, I learned to sew from different materials: cotton, linen, silk, chiffon, velvet and many others.
  3. I will teach how to make outfit colorings. I want to help everyone and give advice on how to select the colors of doll dresses and shoes for awesome harmony.

Bag and shoes must be combined with clothes that are worn.

Isha Kalpana Narayanan
Isha Kalpana Narayanan

Following my advice, you will learn how to use the laws of color. You can choose in the store all the details of an excellent outfit for your doll. You can imagine outfit by yourself. Now on Etsy you can see prices and purchase some models: https://www.etsy.com/shop/dollsclothing

I also have a lot of ready-made outfit designs for your dolls. Check my Instagram or Flickr.

They were sold earlier, but you can order the same (depends on fabric availability) or similar clothing sets and accessories. Just contact me on Facebook to discuss the details.

Victoria Movichi

Answers to common questions about Fashion Royalty dolls.

Fashion Royalty who’s who and what are Fashion Royalty dolls?

Adele Makeda
Adele Makeda

So who are these dolls, what is this company? Integrity Toys was founded in 1995 in America. The creative director since 2000 has become a talented Jason Wu. Together with a team of enthusiastic people, he began to create the first Fashion Royalty dolls during these years. So in 2001, the first collection was born, it presented by two dolls – Veronique Perrin and Adele Makeda. Many years have passed since then. There are many new dolls. The company began to produce a new line of dolls: Poppy Parker, NuFace, NuFantasy, The East 59th® Collection, Victoire Roux, Industry. There were 1/4 Tulabelle dolls. But unfortunately in 2018, the company announced the closure of the 1/4 format doll line.

Over the years, bodies have changed and new skin tones have appeared. Now the company has the bodies of such skin tones: Japan, cream, fr white, b-tone, latino, new hispanic, light honey, fr black. Each collector will find a doll that will be his muse and inspiration. Invariably one thing – these dolls are the queens for many people. Every year we are waiting for new collections, follow the news and gladly enter into the club of fashion royalty fans.

What is Fashion Royalty W Club?

W Club is a private club of doll lovers from the Integrity Toys company. 

Registration is carried out on the official website of the company at the beginning of each year and is valid for a year. For a membership fee of $50, members of the club receive many different options and offers. For example, the right to purchase 5 exclusive dolls, which will be released during the year only for club members. These dolls will be sold in the online store of the company and for their purchase will not need to contact dealers. And also there is a lot of different bonuses. Detailed information can be found on the website.

to be continued…

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