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Greetings to all who came to my site about doll clothes.

     Some people love American Girl, others – Barbie or Our Generation but my passion is Fashion Royalty. Welcome to all who is interested in looking at my outfits for these marvelous and sophisticated dolls.

     Now probably I need to tell about myself and my sewing designs. But for the beginning, I want to tell you how my love for Integrity Toys dolls has risen. My first doll from this company was Dasha Purity Face. It was love at first sight. And now, for more than 5 years after, I am a collector of Fashion Royalty dolls.

     My favorite dolls are Agnes von Weiss, Elyse Jolie, Eugenia Perrin, Vanessa Perrin, Adèle Makéda, Isha Kalpana Narayanan and of course all Dasha dolls. I can’t forget the impressions of the 2017 Convention Fairytales. There were a lot of incredible dolls there. Golden Erin Salston is the top of skill! It is awesome the Integrity Toys develops and gives us such magnificent dolls. They are a source of inspiration for many creative people.

     Now, I sew a lot for them; sometimes I also sew for Barbie Silkstone. Earlier, 5 years ago, I sewed for adults and children. When I was a child, I painted designs for dolls on paper. That’s how all my life is connected with creativity.

     When I wrote this text I could not make a choice that I like more – to create and model or still sew dresses. Probably the more I like to create patterns and study old fashion books in museums and libraries. It is really fascinating to me. I collect materials and ideas for my outfits everywhere. I am engaged in modeling even on trips.

     When I take a cloth in my hands, I immediately want to sew what I have designed. It is probably not possible to divide – sewing and design. I love these two types of activity equally. I want to sew all the dresses that I have already come up. It is so awesome when you can put a dress on a doll which is the materialization of your fantasy. Probably that’s why I do not like to repeat my outfits, no more than 2-3 copies usually. I have so many ideas that I want to realize them faster and see the dresses designed for fashion dolls.

     All dolls are beautiful, their figures are so elegant. The new articulated Barbie Silkstone was a pleasant surprise for me. It is so good that the company Mattel is not standing still. But my favorite models are the Fashion Royalty. They are the queen of the doll podium for me. Slender and elegant ladies always know how to wear any clothes. I almost always make up various styles of dresses, sew bags for them, small fashion accessories.

     Recently, I studied how to make doll shoes that fit for Fashion Royalty FR2, FR6, NuFace, NuFace2 bodies. I didn’t have enough colors to match the shoes to the outfit and bag. It was necessary to learn how to make shoes and boots. I understand now that the production of shoes is also an exciting experience. It requires a lot of work. But the result is exceptional. I like to work with genuine leather. It is strong and durable. Doll shoes look like real adult shoes by exclusive craftsmen. It does not crack like shoes made of artificial leather.

     I like to sew doll clothes from different fabrics: cotton, linen, silk, chiffon etc. I have no restrictions as all fabrics are good. If I see a fabric in the store and I like it, I’ll buy it. After that, be sure I’m going to sew a beautiful dress or another product from this fabric. Hike for fabrics to the store is magic. My mood immediately improves and ideas are born in my head. 🙂

     I started to sell my doll outfits not so long ago, however, during this time many dresses, shoes, handbags, and accessories have already gone to the new owners. It is a great pleasure for me when they find a new home. Now on Etsy, you can purchase my doll clothes. But some models can be viewed only in the blog. They already have new owners. I wish you a good viewing. Thank you for your attention to my work.

Victoria Movichi

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