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Fashion is everywhere: from movies to everyday life. Style is also in the life of the most famous doll in the world – Barbie. Barbie is a simple girl with strong convictions and a great love of fashion.

barbie fashionistas

It is safe to say that today there are thousands of Barbie Fashionistas dolls. There is an unlimited number of role models that have inspired many to pursue a career in fashion. Many fans of Barbie dolls who have become designers say so.

From the very beginning, Barbie was conceived as a beauty. From the moment she entered the market, Barbie was a woman who stood up for what she believed in. She’s a fashionista and has learned hundreds of different professions. She was a role model for many.

When Barbie appeared, she became super successful in the first two years, as the girls have long wanted a similar toy. In the first few years, the design of the doll remained the same. Over the years, however, the character has changed.

Barbie has always been bold and adventurous in her character. She never hid her femininity and sexuality, but on the contrary, she was entirely dedicated to who she is.

Over the years, several portrait dolls have been added to her character. One of the models was Audrey Hepburn, who helped influence how women think about themselves.

Mattel also released the iconic Barbie. This woman not only received many awards, including the “Golden Globe,” but also had an impact on the entire fashion industry. Marilyn was the inspiration behind many of the ideas behind the fashion of the era. During this period, Barbie dolls had a large bust, and a skinny waist, long legs, their image was very much like Marilyn Monroe.

Over the years, body shape concepts have changed dramatically. There appeared famous designers who offered Barbie Fashionistas their creations. Look at these names: Bob Mackie, Byron Lars, Carol Spencer, Robert Best. These talented people put on a lot of Barbie Fashionistas. They have fan clubs and fans all over the world. The dolls from these designers are worth a lot of money. They’re not just toys anymore, and they’re works of art.

barbie fashionistas doll

With each generation of fashionistas can be different and have many characteristics and influence that the era has on them. Look at how Barbie Fashionistas has changed over the years. The chic dresses of Christian Dior, his New Look style are very reflected in the wardrobe of the Barbie doll. As the years go by, the Twiggy style comes, and our fashionista changes her wardrobe. And so a decade after decade, fashion changes and the closet of our favorite doll change too.

In her history, Barbie has shown many facets of her personality, and Barbie influences the people around her. She is a role model for girls around the world.

This puppet icon takes place in early childhood. And many children around the world become devoted fans of her for life.

Many girls look at Barbie as a role model. Some still feel that their love of fashion has gone beyond the current stage. Many of these women have gone into the fashion design business. And all thanks to Barbie Fashionistas.

Barbie may never die because her designs will never be forgotten as long as there are people who are passionate about fashion. While most designers still use Barbie as a model, many others will make original designs inspired by the beautiful Barbie. Barbie has set a standard that everyone who follows fashion can follow.

At the moment, an exciting project is a collaboration between the American brand Kith and Mattel. These two brands have decided to create their version of the cult doll. Different versions of clothing for the doll from this brand have been offered. And the doll itself looked different: hair color, skin color, ethnicity, and makeup – everything was different. The winner was determined by voting.

Barbie will always be popular because she always follows fashion, and she is a fashion icon.

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