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Barbie doll accessories are an excellent investment for both the child and the adult collector. These are such great collectibles that the doll is now considered a ‘life-form’ of sorts. As a collector, you are able to find all the accessories that you want for your dolls. The better you are at collecting, the more affordable the accessories will be. It is a common misconception that these accessories are only meant for the younger generations, however, these types of accessories are popular among collectors from all age groups. Collectors can find unique and unusual Barbie accessories. For example, there are several Barbie accessories made from synthetic materials such as plastic, leather and ceramic, that are highly sought after and can be extremely expensive.

If you have a Barbie doll and are looking for more information on what accessories to get her, you will find that there are numerous items that she can be wearing in her bedroom and more. She may wear almost anything, as long as it is from the Barbie collection and you can find the accessories that fit into that collection. She can be wearing something and it will not mean that you are going to look ridiculous or like you are making fun of her.

Barbie dolls have become a really famous toy and accessories to support them. And while the box of the Barbie is set to be opened at any time, her accessories are the one that can be used during the playtime. If you want to give your doll a different look, you can put on different accessories to suit her.

Barbie Doll Handbags

The handbag is another accessory that is popular among the girls and especially the younger ones. If you are planning to buy the handbag, just remember that it should be made of leather and not plastic. Plastic bags will only attract the eyes of others and will also make her look sloppy.

When choosing the handbag, you can choose between a clutch bag and a large purse. The clutch bag is ideal for your Barbie when she is not too busy playing with the dolls.

If you have decided to buy a handbag for your Barbie, then do not rush into it. There are lots of handbags available that would suit her. But if you plan to buy a handbag for her right away, then you can opt for a customized handbag. Just make sure that you go for a handbag that matches with the color of your skin. The right handbag will also make her look more beautiful and sophisticated.

doll handbag

However, if you need a handbag that is going to fit your Barbie without causing her to look stylish, you can go for the large purse. Just make sure that you go for a purse which is large enough to carry all the stuff that you need for the day. Otherwise, you would end up with a small handbag which will not make your Barbie look like a fashionista.

Barbie Doll Headbands

Headbands are also a great accessory for Barbie. She can wear one over her hair or just wear one that has some beads in it. Some items that are good to get are beads in a contrasting color. Beads are very girly but are still feminine and beautiful when worn on top of her hair.

There are headbands that can be dyed and designed for the girl to choose from. Some of these also have designs that are made specifically for Barbie. For a bride who wants to look just like her sweetheart, a white headband is perfect.

doll headband

Different styles of headbands have been released by the various manufacturers, so it is important to check to see what will fit your Barbie doll. A popular option would be a white tulle braided headband that has a white tulle overlay. This looks like a classic pink hairpiece. You can also get headbands that come in different colors.

Barbie Doll Earrings

Although the box of the Barbie has not indicated that, but earrings are a part of her accessories. So choose the type that best suits your personality. They can make your doll look elegant or casual, formal or informal.

doll earrings

No matter what type of earrings you buy for your Barbie, it’s never going to look as good as your imagination. Whether you decide to make it yourself or go online, there are some great ideas you can follow to make your own gift idea.

The earrings for Barbie dolls are something that all collectors would love to have. They are fun and useful.

Barbie Doll Necklaces

Unlike the jewelry in the box, the accessory that is most frequently bought is the necklace. If you buy a bracelet, it will only come in plain color. But, if you purchase a necklace, you can get any type of style and shape. And you can even use it as a clutch purse. But if you choose a plain metal necklace, you would be sure to get compliments.

doll necklace

Necklaces can really bring out the best of a Barbie doll.

There are many different types of necklaces, as well as different lengths and designs. There are also types of necklaces that come with beads, and there are also ones that have designs that are made specifically for Barbie. You can get pretty simple accessories for your Barbie, but if you really want to dress her up, it is important to get her something more glamorous.

One of the best ways to dress up your Barbie is to find a matching necklace. A matching necklace will allow you to match her necklace to her purse or jewelry. This can really help to make your Barbie look even more beautiful and rich.

With a good Barbie style necklace and the right accessories, you can really enhance your Barbie and make her more attractive. All you need is to remember that you can’t have too many accessories for your Barbie doll.

Barbie Doll Bracelets

doll bracelet

A bracelet is another accessory that is sold separately from the Barbie. So if you go for a bracelet, make sure that it is of an elegant design and fits with the Barbie’s personality. Otherwise, if you opt for the other accessories, you would look silly.

In this way, you can easily choose the bracelet that best suits your Barbie. It is just important that you look for one which complements her personality. This will help you to create a new look for your Barbie doll.

You can also consider the bracelet as one of the accessories for your Barbie. She has two bracelets. One is a regular bracelet and the other is a smaller bracelet. If you plan to buy both the bracelets, make sure that you buy the one that will suit her body shape. You can choose the regular bracelet if you want to buy just the one item. In that case, it will not matter what the other accessory is because she will look pretty and you can add a matching necklace to complete the look.


Keep in mind that if you shop for accessories for Barbie, you are going to be able to find almost anything you could possibly imagine that can dress up your Barbie.

Remember that your Barbie is a doll that needs to look good. She needs to be dressed well to look as beautiful as she can be.

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