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I’m Victoria Movichi – fashion doll clothes designer and stylist.

I often go to doll shows. And then, one day, a doll with a big head and huge eyes caught my attention. I realized that I couldn’t leave the exhibition without such a doll. So this beautiful lady settled in my house. It was the beginning of my love for Blythe.

So what is the Blythe doll?

Everyone will immediately understand what kind of doll in question is Blythe. It is a collectible doll. Initially, in 1972, it was produced by the American company Kenner. Disproportionately large head when compared with the body. Huge eyes, beautifully long hair.
The Blythe design was developed by such talented people as Allison Katzman, Rouben Terzian, and Gordon Barlow in 1971-72 by Marvin Glass. However, in the same 1972, production was discontinued due to a lack of demand. Dolls did not like children.
For many years, the doll disappeared, and its production was resumed only in 2001 by the Japanese company Takara.

Why did this amazing Blythe doll become famous in 2001?

In 1997, television producer Gina Garan saw Blythe and was fascinated by her. Gina was keen on photography, and Blythe was the perfect model. Gina traveled a lot, taking Blythe with her everywhere and constantly taking pictures of her. In 2000, Chronicle Books released the album This is Blythe with photographs of Gina. This album is released to this day. More than 100 thousand copies have already been sold. You can buy such a book now.

At the end of 2000, Gina Garan and her colleague Junko Wong jointly came up with a Christmas advertising company for the Parco department store chain featuring Blythe dolls. After this video, Blaze’s popularity in Japan reached an incredible scale. Doll prices began to rise every year.

In June 2001, Takara, licensed by Hasbro to produce a new, modern version of Blythe, released her first doll. Her name was “Parco,” The release was limited to only 1000 dolls. On the Internet, you can find information that these dolls were sold out in a few hours.

Since 2001, Takara did not release new Blythe dolls regularly, but from time to time, but then began to release new versions of Blythe every month. Issues are coming at the moment.

What size is a Blythe doll?

There are generally three sizes of Takara’s Blythe dolls:

  1. Original full-size dolls 28 cm (1/6 scale)
  2. “Petite Blythe” 11.2 cm
  3. “Middie Blythe” about 20 cm.

What are the features of the structure of the body and the functioning of the ocular mechanism?

Inside the head is the ocular mechanism, the design of which allows you to change the color of the eyes and the direction of the doll’s gaze. Only full-sized dolls have eye color changes. The bodies of full-sized dolls vary depending on the time of release. Early releases in 2001-2002 used a Licca doll body.

The eyes of the Middie Blythe can rotate to the side, and the head can turn. The first Petite dolls were keychains. In 2010, Hasbro launched the Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop line as part of the toys’ Littlest Pet Shop line.

What are the prices for dolls?

Kenner’s older dolls are in demand on the collector’s market and can be sold for as low as several thousand dollars for original beauty. The first NEO Blythe dolls can cost anywhere from a thousand dollars or more. Many more masters remake dolls – make modifications to the doll’s appearance to be unique in their image. OOAK – (one of a kind) – this is alteration, work on beauty, replacing the body with a more mobile one, replacing eyes, hair, applying makeup.

Where to buy a Blythe doll?

Official store –
Gina Garan’s store.
Auctions where you can buy NRFB or used nude dolls:,

Where to buy clothes for Blythe dolls?

There are various styles of Blythe clothes for Blythe dolls in my shop. I like to use cotton, linen, velvet, and other fabrics for sewing clothes for dolls.
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