Light green shade chiffon doll dress

A dress from chiffon of a gentle green shade. The dress is lined. The neck is a bateau neck. It is sewn according to my design and comes complete with an elegant pink chiffon scarf. You can remove the scarf. The style of this dress is timeless – a slim waist, full skirt. Dress era of the 50s – the time of Christian Dior. His dresses with big puffy skirts will always be beautiful. Everyone wants to wear such a magnificent dress and feel like they are in the fashion house of Christian Dior at the fitting of the dress.

Jewelry made of transparent pink plastic complement the outfit with the dress. A bracelet made of yellow metal and fittings with earrings made of the same yellow metal are well combined with the dress’s gentle pink and light green colors.

The delicate pink color of the shoes and a bag of genuine pink leather can go with this dress. If you have a prom or classmates meeting, this dress will help you be the most elegant at the event.